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D I V O R C E    M U S E U M  


Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Divorce Saloon Museum. This divorce museum, launched April 9, 2017, is the first of its kind in the divorce industry. The Exhibition was curated by Marion TD Lewis, founder of Divorce Saloon International, Inc. It is an ongoing virtual/digital exhibition that will be updated periodically with the aim of showcasing the work of artists who have depicted divorce in their photography, sculpture, drawings, ceramics and other media.

All works on display were obtained by the patrons of Divorce Saloon under Flickr Creative Commons License. If the patrons of Divorce Saloon are mistaken about the status of any of the works that appear on this Divorce Museum – that is, if you are the artist and/or copyright holder and this work is not in the public domain or not part of the creative commons license – please inform us at contact@divorcesaloon.com and it will be taken down per your request, when you provide proof that it is not published under the Creative Commons License on Flickr.com.

Where possible, Divorce Saloon Divorce Museum has provided a link to the original work on Flickr.com as proof it was used under the Creative Commons License, however mistakes do happen and we would be happy to comply with your take down request with proof that this work is not published under the Creative Commons License.

For viewers, please note that copyrights are owned by the artists and not by Divorce Saloon International Inc.

If you have artwork you would like to exhibit for sale in Divorce Saloon’s divorce museum, we would be happy to discuss it. (Note that we would charge an exhibition fee to help us continue this wonderful project.)

Thanks for visiting! To enter simply click the link above and walk right through the door. From everyone at Divorce Saloon we wish you a warm welcome and hope you enjoy the exhibit.


Team DSI, New York

P.S. Featured image is from Flickr creative commons.



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