NEW YORK: Governor Paterson should veto the no fault bill and require parents with kids under 18 to prove fault

We’ve been doing a lot of posts about teens & divorce lately. That is because of the dire statistics and information that we have been reading up on, that suggest that divorce is particularly damaging to children, and especially to teenagers. The question we are now asking ourselves, is whether, in New York, Governor Paterson […]

NEW YORK: KENNETH STARR: A divorced swindler? Or are he and Diane Passage victims of a witch-hunt?

Sure, he lived large. His Upper East Side $7.5 million dollar condo which he shares with wife Diane Passage is real nice if you like that kind of thing. I can appreciate a nice place myself and I thought the slideshow was really impressive. Ken Starr definitely rolled with high-rollers and called many celebs his personal […]

NEW YORK: A widow named Ruth Madoff…150 years!

The judge threw the book at Bernie Madoff today, giving him 150 years in the slammer. It is over. He’s not coming back. This is not a divorce. This is a woman who has lost her husband forever. … As I listened to the newscast, I couldn’t help feeling bad for him. I know. I know. […]