On crafting a post-divorce parenting plan for teens

Teens and Divorce are usually a tough combination to circumnavigate. One of the main issues is custody & visitation. The challenge is how to craft a meaningful parenting plan that will be effective and that both teens and parents will love. Here are some of the things to consider in crafting a parenting plan that … Continue reading “On crafting a post-divorce parenting plan for teens”

Divorce help for parents with teens – 2 more podcasts!

MORE DIVORCE HELP FOR PARENTS WITH TEENS- NEW PODCASTS I’ve outdone myself. After spending three hellacious days trying to make a podcast, now I can’t seem to stop making em. So fun!!! So I’ve put a couple more up on my podbean blog and I think I successfuly burned it at feedburner so if you are … Continue reading “Divorce help for parents with teens – 2 more podcasts!”

When divorce drives teens into rehab

There is an increasing number of teenagers in rehab these days. Many of these teens are the product of divorce parents. Is there a correlation? Are parents responsible for their teens’ drug and alcohol problems? Or is it the culture and times in which we are living? Or could it be a little bit of both? Hollywood … Continue reading “When divorce drives teens into rehab”