Want to heal from your divorce? Go to Aspen like Chris Evert!

Want to heal from your divorce? Go to Aspen like Chris Evert!

  Well, last time Brooke and Charlie Sheen were in Aspen, it wasn’t a very restful time. They both ended up in a legal brouhaha and allegations of alcohol and drug use and domestic violence reverberated through the international press. Not quite the same experience for celeb tennis star Chris Evert. People Magazine is reporting […]

CONNECTICUT: Recently divorced sportscaster Jim Nantz passed Judgment on Tiger Woods

CONNECTICUT: When you live in glass houses, avoid throwing stones, Mr. Nantz. Celeb sportscaster Jim Nantz is reportedly outraged by Tiger Woods’ lack of morality. Shane Bacon did a piece for Yahoo news and in it, it appears Mr. Nantz is horrified that Tiger used words such as “Tiger you suck” and “Jesus Christ” during […]

AUGUSTA, GA: Tiger Woods – The Masters Tournament 2010: Why winning could save his marriage to Elin

Women love men who are winners. Let’s face it. That is why Hillary stuck with Bill Clinton, and why Silda Wall Spitzer stayed with her ex-governor husband Eliot. It is why Elizabeth Edwards gladly gave John Edwards his walking papers. It’s all about winners and losers. If a man has the winner DNA, he will […]

NEW YORK: ESPN analyst Steve Phillips gets hit with divorce petition after 22 year old mistress sends bitchy letter to wife

ESPN analyst Steve Phillips is scared for his life and the safety of his family according to published reports. And why? Because his 22 year old mistress, Brooke Hundley, is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore. In spite of her recent shenanigans, like contacting his teenaged son on facebook, Steve has declined […]

CANADA/LOS ANGELES/VEGAS: Sheldon Souray and Baywatch Babe Angelica Bridges’ divorce/custody battle gets dirty

A number of news sources are claiming that hockey sensation Sheldon Souray, and ex wife former Baywatch babe Angelica Bridges, are about to blow up with one of the messiest divorce/custody battles in NHL history. This whole thing got started when Angelica sued her husband for special damages on account of what she says was […]