NEW YORK: New York socialite Tinsley Mortimer updates us on: The divorce, the reality show, & the jealous bitches

[GSMITHBOOK] THE TINSLEY MORTIMER DIVORCE: It’s been almost a year since we broke out with our Is Olivia Palermo gloating over Tinsley Mortimer’s divorce post, and low and behold when we Google “Tinsley Mortimer Divorce”, our article and our title have been copied all over the blogosphere! Some folks were even kind enough to link […]

Bernie Madoff Listen up! The marriages of socialites Walter and Monica Noel’s daughters Lisina, Alix, Corina, Marisa and Ariane could be at risk and it’s all your fault!

Bernie Ponzi Madoff is getting blamed for not only putting Walter and Monica Noel’s marriage in jeopardy, but he very well may be responsible for the unravelling of the marriages of Noel’s five beautiful, whimsical and Ivy-league educated daughters Alix, Corina, Marisa, Ariane, and Lisina. Apparently (and I am not even pretending to “understand why this […]