On sex

On sex

The consequences of sex can also have an impact during marriage and after marriage – namely, children. And this présents challenges for divorce lawyers. Sex makes kids. It has a weird way of turning into that. Kids can be good for a marriage or they can destroy it. It all depends. After marriage, sex that resulted in kids can indirectly be blamed for all the custody fights, child support dodging, deadbeats, abductions and even murders.

TAIWAN: Penis length cited as reason Taiwanese woman seeks divorce

Kualar Lumpur? Can, or should, a wife get a divorce because her husband’s penis is too long? This apparently is a case in Taiwan right now. And the Taiwanese court allegedly ruled against the wife. The wife in the case  said (and this is all information I picked up from a couple of blogs. I haven’t actually read […]

Does virginity at the alter predispose you to divorce?

I was reading this article and I came away wondering whether virginity is a prerequisite for a lasting marriage, or whether it’s a recipe for divorce: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090809/ap_on_re/us_rel_marrying_young The thing with a virgin bride is she is more than likely going to be in her teens or early twenties. That is the age when a woman […]


Everybody thinks every body else is shagging themselves to Venus 24 hours a day seven days a week. The truth is that often times married couples tend to end up having less shagging sessions than most of their friends would believe. That is because life gets in the way, chores, kids, work, aging parents, and […]

Marie Douglas David did not “constructively abandon” CEO of UTC George David: “I wanted more time in bed with my husband,” she says

[GSMITHBOOK] Well, whatever caused the break down in the fairy tale marriage of 66 year old UTC chairman George David and 36 year old Swedish Countess Marie Douglas David (apparently she is the illegitimate daughter of a Count?) it sure as heck wasn’t lack of “consortium.” Nor was it a failure of Mr. David’s Viagra […]