UTAH: Divorce, Doma and a letter from the Roman Catholic Bishops

THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE: Catholic bishops have come out in defense of Marriage. In a letter that was published in the Salt Lake Tribune, they said in part: Marriage equality is a menace to “the intrinsic dignity of every human person, and the common good”……… “The legal recognition of same-sex unions poses a multifaceted threat … Continue reading “UTAH: Divorce, Doma and a letter from the Roman Catholic Bishops”

New York Divorce attorney on DOMESTIC PARNTERSHIPS

What is a domestic partnership and what are your rights if a domestic partnership ends? A domestic partnership could be between same sex couples are well as heterosexual couples. I have not found any case law that suggest it could be between more than two people though. All the cases involve either a man and … Continue reading “New York Divorce attorney on DOMESTIC PARNTERSHIPS”


DOMA; PROP 8; FULL FAITH AND CREDIT/COMITY; EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION; ALIMONY; DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENTS; GOODRIDGE v. DEPT. OF PUBLIC HEALTH OF THE STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS It’s happening not only in states where same-sex couples can get married such as Massachusetts and Connecticut, but also in states that ban same-sex marriages such as New York, New Jersey, … Continue reading “ANATOMY OF A GAY DIVORCE”