NEW YORK: A widow named Ruth Madoff…150 years!

The judge threw the book at Bernie Madoff today, giving him 150 years in the slammer. It is over. He’s not coming back. This is not a divorce. This is a woman who has lost her husband forever. … As I listened to the newscast, I couldn’t help feeling bad for him. I know. I know. […]

Ruth Madoff downsizes to $2.5 million settlement with Feds

RUTH MADOFF’S DIVORCE SETTLEMENT HAS BEEN FINALIZED Wife of infamous Wall Street ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff has agreed cut a deal with federal prosecutors according to Reuters. Instead of pursuing claims that she is entitled to about $70 million in assets from her “marital estate” she will give up all claims to all but $2.5 million […]

Bernie Madoff’s secretary Eleanor Squillari: Did she want Bernie to divorce Ruth and marry her?

Eleanor Squillari rats out Bernie Madoff — that’s not love, right? Quickly browsed Bernie’s secretary’s interview in Vanity Fair yesterday afternoon, and came away wondering if maybe I had imagined it, or whether she sounded…how shall I say?…catty? I don’t want to say she sounded like she had had a deep seated jealousy directed at […]