Tough real estate market leaves divorcing couples in New Jersey with tough choices and few options

  The pile up of homes in New Jersey that are “unsellable” continue to mushrooom. This is having a very serious effect on couples in the divorce process. Many are left with having to make tough choices, like: staying together and eschewing divorce even if the marriage is miserable; living under the same roof even […]

How to sell your home quickly after a divorce

I  was just reading a nice piece by certified divorce financial analyst Lisa Decker about “Setting the Stage to Sell your home quickly.” I thought it would be helpful to our readers on this divorce blog. According to Lisa and Barbara Jennings, Director of the Academy of Staging and Redesign, Lisa’s guest on her website […]

Recession triggers more War of the Roses divorces

Originally published 12/30/08 Everybody’s heard by now that nobody can get their real estate off the market, except for it becoming an REO these days. That includes recently divorced couples. This is creating a whole new generation of War of the Roses. On Live with Regis and Kelly, they are talking about how more and more divorces […]

SPAIN: Free divorce pd for by real estate agent if you buy a house

Do you need more proof that the global economic slump has impacted even the divorce industry? Take a read at this article about what Spaniards are  offering couples to get divorced They are offering free divorce lawyers in exchange for home purchases. I am sure you’ve heard that a lot of people around the world, […]