Get the Most Money in Your Divorce Settlement

Getting the most money in your divorce settlement does not require you to be a mercenary but it does require some degree of strategizing and intelligence. By the latter I do not refer to IQ but rather I use the word sort of the way someone who works for the FBI might. There are 3 […]

FRANCE: Information for expats on marrying and divorcing a french national by Noemie Houchet Tran

Divorce avocat in Paris Noémie Houchet Tran shares information about how to marry and divorce a french national. All the important details you need to know to protect yourself and your assets: Marrying a French citizen in France : mutual duties of marriage ; matrimonial property and inheritance     France is more and more attractive for […]

Which is better a post-nup or a prenup?

In all states in the United States, and the District of Columbia, a prenuptial agreement is presumptively enforceable. That is not true all over the world. England and Wales come to mind as jurisdictions where the prenup is not presumptively enforceable. Japan and China recognize the prenup. Italy and Canada recognize premarital agreements but may […]

UK prenup jurisprudence in spotlight: should YOU sign a prenup

I was reading the blog of one of my new followers here and, always intrigued by what is going on over the pond, I found this post about prenuptial agreements. Just to give you a heads up/summary, over the pond (in the UK) there is a case pending before the Appeals court involving a German heiress […]

Did Dave Letterman and Regina Lasko sign a prenup?

The prenuptial agreement can prevent divorce It seems the King of Late Night TV David Letterman and his long term girlfriend Regina Lasko quietly tied the knot in Montana last week and he discussed the happy event on his show. Says Dave according to Reuters: ” … I had avoided getting married pretty good for, like, 23 years, and […]

George and Marie Douglas-David on why their marriage was just too darned complicated

UTC George David and Swedish Countess Marie David seemed to have a very complicated marriage. The couple who married in 2002 began experiencing serious marital strains in 2004 when George discovered that Marie was having an affair with a “strapping Swedish fencer” by the name of Alexander Oxenstierna. According to media reports, when George found […]