Former SEC Lawyer demands paternity test from LeBron James – if he’s the daddy, he wants $Millions in damages from LeBron and his mom

The triple digit heat hitting the NE has turned my brain to mush and I’m not understanding this lawsuit that has allegedly been filed by a LAWYER in Washington claiming to be the father of basketball star, LeBron James. This SOLO PRACTITIONER in D.C. filed the case pro se and he claims that he is the […]

Louise Sage Stanford on how to bring a paternity suit against a billionaire

Louise Sage Stanford has brought billionaire cachet to the paternity/custody suit. Only Lisa Bonder Kerkorian before her has presented a more interesting paternity scenario in recent years. Check out our posts which reference the Kerkorians, including one about Bonder’s paternity action against the California billionaire here: Louise Sage Stanford (she changed her name to his even though […]

Sir R. Allen Stanford’s ex girlfriend Louise Sage Stanford withdrew her paternity suit against the billionaire has a great article about cricket billionaire Sir Allen Stanford and his recent past. In 2007 his wife Susan filed her divorce action which is still pending. He was ordered to pay her $100,000 per month in maintenance/alimony, among other things. See these posts Well, a new name is emerging. Louise Sage Stanford. […]

FRANCE: “Rachida Dati’s Baby” She did not consort with that man: French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Five days after giving birth by cesarean section to petite baby Zohra Dati, French justice minister and Nicolas Sarkozy prôtégée Rachida Dati is back to work. But not without a whole lot of speculation and controversy about the paternity of her child. Some people and institutions, even Page Six if I remember correctly, are insinuating that Ms. […]