NEW YORK: Governor Paterson should veto the no fault bill and require parents with kids under 18 to prove fault

We’ve been doing a lot of posts about teens & divorce lately. That is because of the dire statistics and information that we have been reading up on, that suggest that divorce is particularly damaging to children, and especially to teenagers. The question we are now asking ourselves, is whether, in New York, Governor Paterson […]


MTV is looking for teens for a docu-series. The contact info for the producer is Read more below: Are your parents separated, going through a divorce or recently divorced? If so, you’re not alone. With divorce rates increasing year after year more teenagers than ever are witnessing the break of their parents marriage. MTV’s […]

WASHINGTON: Would tax reform, including a larger tax deduction for children of married parents stem the divorce rate in America?

An article I was reading from American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (“AEI“) suggested that tax reform policies that are “pro family” (such as a larger dependent deduction) might just be what the GOP needs to promise voters in order to take the White House back from Barack Obama. Might it also be what […]

BRITAIN: Divorce causes 20% of bullying kids to attack their parents

Disturbing stats coming out of UK. It seems there is a trend that teenagers are increasingly attacking their parents physically and parents are increasingly admitting being “afraid” of their own kids – especially the daughters. Says an article in today’s UK Guardian: Children as young as13 are behaving with extreme physical and verbal violence towards […]