NEW YORK DIVORCE & THE GIFT TAX With some exceptions, any transfer of property is subject to the gift tax, including transfers made pursuant to a settlement agreement in a divorce action. That is the general rule. So generally, your settlement agreement would, or is supposed to be, subject to the gift tax as prescribed by […]

Art Folsom (a Denver divorce attorney on occassion) gets biggest case of his career – criminal attorneys are horrified

Art Folsom is an attorney practicing in Denver who, according to the Wall Street Journal, has handled the “odd” divorce case – which I guess would make him the “odd” divorce attorney. But he’s come into this media storm on account of the fact that he’s now representing Najibullah Zazi, who is “accused by the […]

Can you get divorced by proxy? By New York divorce attorney

Can you get divorced by proxy? Yes. Technically, yes. You can’t get married by proxy in New York since there are certain statutory requirements that both parties in a marriage be present, and personally appear when applying for the marriage license. The statute also required that both parties must be present during the “solemnization  ceremony […]


BRASILIA, BRAZIL It is soon going to be possible to get divorced via the Internet. The Palm Beach Post did a report a couple of days ago about the pending legislation that would allow Brazilian citizens to forego hiring divorce attorneys and do their own divorce themselves on the Internet. The only catch is that […]

Is your divorce attorney cut-throat enough?

I’ve just begun to read this, so far, engrossing book on the subject of divorce by Jessica Bram called Happily Ever After Divorce Notes of a Joyful Journey. Actually, Jessica’s press agent was kind enough to send us a complimentary copy and I am glad they did because, first of all, it’s quite an engrossing […]

Totten Trusts and your divorce

A Totten trust is basically a bank savings account that has an “in trust for” provision. A spouse can obviously have a bank account in trust for his or her spouse. It’s a kind of pay on death feature, if you know what I mean. So upon the death of the spouse, the one for whom […]

Divorce attorney Corri Fetman on how to get a smart divorce Corri Fetman, 45, is a Chicago Divorce attorney who apparently posed for Playboy. What would possess her to do that? Dunno. Was this pre or post the Juris Doctorate degree? Dunno. But if it was “post” I am wondering why she wasn’t disbarred? Is that “appropriate” for an attorney to pose nude in Playboy? Isn’t […]