MIAMI: Narcy Novack gains control of her slain husband Ben’s $10M fortune (and that of his mother’s)

I was just reading a story on Slate about how “veteran journalist Gerald Posner” at the Daily Beast had plagiarized a story in the Miami Herald about Nancy and Ben Novack…. Anyways. The story about the Novacks is interesting, obviously, because it has a divorce nugget in it. Seems the husband, Ben, was found bludgeoned […]

Who is to blame for the rise in divorce cases across the globe? Men? Courts? Salma Hayek? Attorneys?

Salma Hayek? What could be more glamorous than an April post-nuptial masked ball in Venice to celebrate a Valentine’s Day wedding between a Movie Star Actress and her Parisian billionaire husband? That is what Paris-based Salma Hayek and her new hubby did this weekend while I was watching lovers float by in their boats on the lake […]