Military Divorce: When you or your spouse is deployed how do you get a divorce?

MILITARY DIVORCE INFORMATION – Part One I’ve been meaning to write a post for contribution to Divorce Saloon for a while about military divorce and what a former spouse needs to know and also what the military person needs to know, as well, about divorce and the military. And it’s not all pomp and circumstance. First of all, the […]

Military pensions and divorce

By New York Divorce Attorney: Back in May, I put this post in draft intending to get back to it in a few days of putting it up. Well, it’s October now, five months later and I am only now pulling it out. And that is only because I found this post by a Kentucky […]

SAN FRANCISCO/IRAQ: When deploying female soldiers divorce, by guest author

Divorce is a triple threat for female soldiers according to recent reports. At least, that is what I read here: Says New America Media: More than 30,000 single mothers have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. The Army, the most heavily deployed branch of the military, gives women just four months to stay stateside with […]