FRANCE: Information for expats on marrying and divorcing a french national by Noemie Houchet Tran

Divorce avocat in Paris Noémie Houchet Tran shares information about how to marry and divorce a french national. All the important details you need to know to protect yourself and your assets: Marrying a French citizen in France : mutual duties of marriage ; matrimonial property and inheritance     France is more and more attractive for […]

Marriage is just a box of chocolates

Marriage is just a box of chocolates

How would your describe your marriage? What if you had to describe it using just one word? What is the first  word that comes to your mind? We are assuming you are contemplating divorce at the moment. But wait. Maybe it’s not the divorce attorney you need. What is your marriage word? What is the […]

Mark Madoff’s first divorce reveals…(with suicide update)

Mark Madoff’s divorce and suicide Mark Madoff,eldest son of Bernie (“Ponzi”) Madoff, was worth $8 million dollars back in 2000 when he divorced his first wife Susan. This according to Greenwich Roundup.  But why does this matter? He is now happily remarried to one Stephanie Mikesell and they run a tax exempt foundation or two. […]

JAPAN: First lady Nobuko Kan releases disparaging book about her prime minister hubby…um, is their marriage is trouble?

TOKYO Nobuko Kan, first lady of Japan, today released a book about her husband Naoto Kan, who happens to be the Prime Minister of Japan, entitled: “You are Prime Minister, So What Will Change in Japan?” According to Yahoo News, she questions her husband’s ability to rule Japan effectively and she pretty much seems to disdain his […]

Naomi Wolf on “Love Lessons from divorce”

I was just reading an article on Times Online by Naomi Wolf called “Love Lessons from Divorce.” And, among other things, she had this to say: Let’s also get the state out of the marriage union. In spite of the dress and the flowers, marriage is a business contract. Women, generally, don’t understand this, until […]

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