Your Second Marriage Can Be More Successful Than Your First if you follow these 5 tips

Statistics show that people who remarry have a greater chance of ending up divorced the second time around as compared to first timers. Why is this? It is not clear. It could just be that people lack the confidence after they have been divorced before, that they can remain successfully and happily married. At, […]

Want to Save Your Marriage? Repeat this phrase: “It’s My Fault that My Marriage is not Meeting My Expectations”

That’s right. Don’t blame your spouse for the implosion of your marriage. Look at yourself and all your unrealistic expectations. How did you contribute to this marital meltdown without meaning to? So many possible ways. For example you did it by: Being judgmental Not listening Wanting everything to be your way or the highway Being […]

4 Reasons that your partner has stopped communicating with you (and why divorce is imminent)

The way a couple communicates will determine whether their marriage will last or not. There are 4 key indicators of healthy communication between partners – and conversely, 4 key indicators of unhealthy communication. The healthy communication obviously will lead to more successful marriages and the unhealthy communication necessarily will lead to unsuccessful marriages. Here are […]

Former Cosby Star Keisha Knight Pulliam Gives Birth to Ella Grace Just 6 Months After Divorce Drama

Keisha has said she is finding grace and strength from her tiny baby daughter, Ella Grace. Keisha announced her divorce from her husband Ed Hartwell last July and has endured not a little bit of drama after he seemed to insinuated that….well, it is unclear if he was questioning his paternity of Ella Grace. You […]

I Will Never Get Married Again!

Sure, this is how you feel right now, fresh out of divorce court after a blistering two years of back and forth between attorneys, you and your spouse. You have been burned big time. And it is not just the process of divorce. It could have also been the marriage itself. Marriage can be hard […]

On When Baby Makes a Divorce – by Kate Nguyen

  Babies can lead to massive marital upheavals. Sure, swimming in your lovely little head is this Brangelina fantasy of a passel of impossibly cute babies turned children that you can cart across continents to the glee of paparazzi and other voyeurs – and happily ever after with your own gorgeous & gorgeous equivalent of Brad Pitt. […]