GUILTY! JAIL! Madoff enters guilty plea and is carted off to jail. Can Ruth sue her husband for wasting marital assets?

Bernard Madoff pleads guilty AND SENT TO JAIL!!! What will Ruth do now? Well, I guess Ira-genie-in-a-bottle-Sorkin couldn’t pull this one off. He just handed his client over the the feds, hook, line and sinker. My God. Wasn’t there anything he could have done but this? He let his client plead guilty to EVERYTHING. I […]

Michelle Schrenker’s assets gets frozen

Remember Michelle Schrenker? We certainly did a few posts on her so you can feel free to check them out here:  But, so, Michelle’s back in the news because the Feds have found out that just prior to filing for divorce against her philandering husband Marcus, she dipped into accounts he had that were client […]

Andrew Madoff gets hit with a divorce petition

The New York Post Page Six is reporting that Bernie Madoff’s son Andrew has been served with a divorce petition. As everybody’s heard by now, Bernard Madoff was a Wall Street honcho who is being accused of one of the biggest investment frauds in Wall Street history. He’s accused of using a ponzi scheme – paying […]