NEW YORK: The Madoff Client List of Divorces: Did the Ponzi King wreck these marriages?

Did Bernie’s ponzi scheme put these marriages in divorce’s way? Poor Bernie Madoff. He’s getting blamed for everything, including people’s bankrupted marriages. No fair! The man may have tried some creative accounting and investing acrobatics which have now plunged him into a septic tank of trouble, but is it really his fault that your marriage […]

NEW YORK: Is Mark Madoff getting divorced? Or is he just losing his swagger?

Mark Madoff pre and post Ponzi…has he lost his swagger*?….did I mention I love the word Swagger? I think if I ever had a son, I might even call him that. Swagger. Swagger Jones. Do you think that could work? Okay. Moving right along. Poor Mark Madoff isn’t looking too debonair these days. I was […]

Ruth Madoff downsizes to $2.5 million settlement with Feds

RUTH MADOFF’S DIVORCE SETTLEMENT HAS BEEN FINALIZED Wife of infamous Wall Street ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff has agreed cut a deal with federal prosecutors according to Reuters. Instead of pursuing claims that she is entitled to about $70 million in assets from her “marital estate” she will give up all claims to all but $2.5 million […]

With Bernie Madoff forced into bankruptcy what will Ruth do to get her “alimony”

Now that the judge has ordered that Bernie’s investors/creditors can force him into bankruptcy, it looks like Ruth’s options have gotten more streamlined. She definitely will have to get in line behind creditors, not only with respect to business assets, but also personal assets as well. I mean, she would be entitled to some “exemptions.” Even […]

Ruth Madoff on how to get a fake divorce

Experts are calling on Ruth Madoff to divorce her husband Bernard L. Madoff. We’ve been thinking about that and it gave us the idea for a “fake” divorce. Is there such thing as a fake divorce? Yes, says we at Divorce Saloon. A fake divorce is basically a type of fraud against the court. It […]

Renegotiating your divorce settlement: What UK’s Brian Myerson and Madoff’s Steven Simkin teaches us

Bankers’ wives, just like wives of lawyers in big firms, have always lived a posh life filled with things like Yves Saint Laurent dresses, Chanel bags, and Hermes scarves — to wit: Kathy Fuld (wife of Lehman Brothers’ Dick Fuld), Laura Blank (ex-wife of Madoff investor Steven Simkin),  and Ingrid Myerson (ex wife of UK’s Brian Myerson).  Laura […]

GUILTY! JAIL! Madoff enters guilty plea and is carted off to jail. Can Ruth sue her husband for wasting marital assets?

Bernard Madoff pleads guilty AND SENT TO JAIL!!! What will Ruth do now? Well, I guess Ira-genie-in-a-bottle-Sorkin couldn’t pull this one off. He just handed his client over the the feds, hook, line and sinker. My God. Wasn’t there anything he could have done but this? He let his client plead guilty to EVERYTHING. I […]

Ruth Madoff on how to look like a complete idiot in front of a divorce judge

RICO; CONSTRUCTIVE TRUST; INNOCENT SPOUSE RULE; DIVORCE; GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE I was just over on Bloomberg and read an interesting article by Susan Antilla which she wrote yesterday about Ruth Madoff’s post-Bernie options. One option according to some lawyers Ms. Antilla interviewed, is for Ruth to divorce Bernie. Then she would have to show that the asset to be […]

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