My Thoughts On Common Law Marriage – Bulldog Divorce

Reality check – life in the 21st century looks nothing like life did during the 1950s.  The ‘Leave It To Beaver’ paradigm family structure is a relic of the past and today our relationship decisions are governed not by what is ‘ideal’, but what is ‘practical’ and ‘convenient’  Maybe it’s time for law makers to […]

Former SEC Lawyer demands paternity test from LeBron James – if he’s the daddy, he wants $Millions in damages from LeBron and his mom

The triple digit heat hitting the NE has turned my brain to mush and I’m not understanding this lawsuit that has allegedly been filed by a LAWYER in Washington claiming to be the father of basketball star, LeBron James. This SOLO PRACTITIONER in D.C. filed the case pro se and he claims that he is the […]