How to get a divorce without wrecking the kids

If it is true that the beautiful Tinsley Mortimer and her handsome hubby Topper are getting divorced (as disclosed on the New York Post Page Six), at least she doesn’t have to worry about the kids – because I’ve heard they didn’t have any. Presumably there were too many charity balls and philanthropic galas to fit […]

ABC’s “Lost” star Naveen Andrews wins custody of son: Lesson to baby mamas, don’t take the child out of the court’s jurisdiction without permission!

Watch ABC’s “Lost”? Me neither. But it’s a hit show as far as I can tell and it’s made a “star” of one Naveen Andrews, one of the lead characters, who just happens to be caught up in a custody battle in LA County Superior Court. I have to say, LA County Superior Court sounds […]

Ex-Wife bugs child’s teddy bear to spy on her husband: another example of what happens when a type A wife’s marriage ends

What do you do when you read about stories that an ex-wife twisted off the head of her daughter’s teddy bear, implanted a recording device, sewed back the teddy bear and then ordered the four year old to “carry the teddy bear everywhere” whenever she is with daddy? Is this sick? Or hilarious? Or both […]

How to walk out of your marriage and feel no guilt

When Brad Pitt walked out on Jennifer Anniston and flew into the arms of Angelina Jolie, he probably experienced at least a little bit of guilt. That is because he fell for another woman while married to his ex, even though, by the looks of things, his ex is a perfectly nice, all American girl (and was his […]

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