When divorce leaves you and the kids homeless

Sometimes, divorce leaves a parent homeless. It may not happen right away, but over time, (and not such a long time) a custodial parent could find themselves unable to pay the rent or mortgage and end up without a home. And when that happens, the kids’ lives are in peril pretty quick. This happens not […]

NEW YORK: Governor Paterson should veto the no fault bill and require parents with kids under 18 to prove fault

We’ve been doing a lot of posts about teens & divorce lately. That is because of the dire statistics and information that we have been reading up on, that suggest that divorce is particularly damaging to children, and especially to teenagers. The question we are now asking ourselves, is whether, in New York, Governor Paterson […]

ARIZONA: How to get a friendly divorce that even your kids will like

It seems more divorcing couples in Arizona are doing divorce right: through mediation and collaboration. This makes for a friendlier situation that benefits kids. Check out this article in the Arizona Republic that was published today. Why can’t more states follow suit? Well, you know what? I think they will. That is just the trend. This combative, adversarial […]

DOHA: Institute on Family Studies and development to have conference on Arabs, media, children’s right, domestic violence…divorce?

DOHA: According to Gulf News, The Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development, an academic institute in Qatar that “conducts research on the legal, sociological, and scientific bases of the family as the natural and fundamental group unit of society,” will be having a series of conferences in May that will highlight the role […]

BRITAIN: Divorce causes 20% of bullying kids to attack their parents

Disturbing stats coming out of UK. It seems there is a trend that teenagers are increasingly attacking their parents physically and parents are increasingly admitting being “afraid” of their own kids – especially the daughters. Says an article in today’s UK Guardian: Children as young as13 are behaving with extreme physical and verbal violence towards […]

COLORADO: Richard Heene’s idiocy could cost him his kids

Balloon Boy. When dads do idiotic things like perpetrate a hoax on the country and law enforcement and pretend that their 6 year old is trapped in an airborne balloon, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise to them that they could lose custody of their kids to Child Welfare Services and even go to […]

FLORIDA: Missing 6 yr old Haleigh Cummings’ father Ron and step mom Misty Cummings to divorce

We did a post back in Winter last, about the disappearance of 5 year old Haleigh Cummings. You can read it here: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/five-year-old-haleigh-ann-marie-cummings-disappearance-being-treated-as-abduction There is an update. It seems her father and step mom are planning to get an uncontested divorce. The step mom was the last to see Haleigh alive. She was with Haleigh […]

HAMPTONS, NY: Does Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook need to go to divorce school for the sake of the kids?

I was reading a few divorce blogs and other media today and I found this one article on the Palm Beach Post.com which was interesting:  http://www.palmbeachpost.com/search/content/shared-gen/ap/National/FEA_Parenting_Divorce_Class.html I thought it might be something that Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook could explore. Either that or divorce therapy. Those two are still fighting! They were in court today and Peter […]

NEW YORK: What is Parental alienation?

Just like around the rest of the globe, when parties divorce in New York sometimes they don’t play nice where the kids are concerned. Parental alienation is the worse offense a former spouse can commit against another. It has to do when one parent turns the children against the other one by habitually bad-mouthing the parent, […]

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