Justice John Paul Stevens amicably divorces the Supreme Court

Divorce on the Supreme Court OK. Even for this blog, this is silly. The boss gave me this assignment and I thought, no way can I discuss this in the context of a divorce with a straight face.  Calling the retirement of the Honorable Justice John Paul Stevens (a liberal!) a “divorce” is just dumb, don’t you […]

Oprah Winfrey interviews Elizabeth Edwards; Question: was John Edwards a married predator who preyed on single women? Or was the “other woman” to blame for John’s adulterous acts?

I said on this blog countless times that a man is not responsible, ever, for his sexual indiscretions. It is always the fault of a woman, to wit: his mother, his wife, or his mistress. Check out all things adultery here: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/index.php?s=adultery The latest case of the delusional wife who refuses to call a spade a spade occurred […]