How to handle marital gifts

This is easy. If you received gifts for or after your marriage, these gifts belong to both you and your spouse equally, unless the third party who bestowed the gift made it clear that the gift was for only one of the spouses. Absent a showing that the gift was intended to be for only one […]

NEW YORK: Dr. Susan Hirschfeld sues her husband for $500K in maintenance/spousal support… What is the purpose of maintenance?

Dr. Susan Hirschfeld, wife of multi-millionaire real estate mogul Elie Hirschfeld, Esq., has brought action in Manhattan Supreme Court for maintenance and spousal support from her estranged husband. Mrs. Hirschfeld claims that her husband (who is worth in excess of half a billion dollars which he inherited from his father) owes her approximately half a million […]

NEW YORK: On Blaine Trump’s divorce from Robert Trump: will she get any of his “inherited” money?

Blaine Trump’s decolletage is hardly the reason we are surprised that Robert Trump has decided to finally make the divorce official. The two have allegedly been separated for three years and filed late September, 08, in Manhattan Supreme, for divorce, even though the couple lives in Millbrook. Robert is said to be trying to fight […]