Could One-Night Stands Be More Damaging to Marriage than Long Term Love Affairs?

For example, a one night stand could just be a “meaningless fling” to the person committing the deed, but what if it has more long lasting and far-reaching consequences such as the contraction of a disease or the creation of a child? It also depends on who the one night stand was with. I would imagine for some spouses, it doesn’t matter who it was with. The unfaithfulness and act of betrayal – even if it only happened once – is enough to destroy trust. But for others, this could be an extenuating circumstance.

George David Divorce March 20, 2009: He admits infidelity!

UTC chairman George David admitted in Hartford Superior Court today that he had been unfaithful to his wife Marie and had been dating another woman as early as December, 2008 about the time the divorce was filed. These multi-millionaires don’t waste time, do they??? Like Britain’s Prince Charles, however, Mr. David maintains his high moral […]

KENNEBUNKPORT: Caroline Kennedy’s Divorce rumors

Is Caroline Kennedy getting a divorce? That rumor has been floating around for at least two years. Now that she has abruptly withdrawn from the New York Senate race, speculation is running rampart that she is having an affair with an old friend, New York Times publisher, Arthur Sulzberger. Here’s what I am starting to […]