FLORIDA: What will golf pro Greg Norman have to pay wife Chris Evert for a divorce? He paid ex wife Laura Andrassy $103M!

The question now becomes, what would Evert be entitled to? The marriage didn’t even last 2 years. (Slightly embarrassing, eh?) So how much of his networth reasonably accrued during the marriage? Because that is the standard, obviously. It’s not that he’s wealthier, so therefore he pays her through the nose the way he paid Andrassy.

MINNESOTA: auto millionaire Denny Hecker lied on his financial affidavit in divorce court according to wife Tamitha

Minnesota auto mogul Denny Hecker is in trouble with the bankruptcy trustee after his June 7 chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. He has basically been claiming that he’s no longer rich. He’s poor. Broke. But he may be in more trouble than the trouble he’s already in with the IRS and others  if wife Tamitha has […]

Stephen Walsh’s (Walsh Greenberg & Co.) divorce settlement with ex-wife Janet Walsh Schaberg comes under attack: Will the agreement be set aside?

Walsh Greenberg & Co the latest securities firm to come under attack from the SEC and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for fraud, takes ex-wife, Janet Walsh Schaberg along for the ride. According to Reuters: NEW YORK (Reuters) – Two money managers who oversaw investments for Carnegie Mellon University and other institutions were arrested on […]

NEW YORK: On Blaine Trump’s divorce from Robert Trump: will she get any of his “inherited” money?

Blaine Trump’s decolletage is hardly the reason we are surprised that Robert Trump has decided to finally make the divorce official. The two have allegedly been separated for three years and filed late September, 08, in Manhattan Supreme, for divorce, even though the couple lives in Millbrook. Robert is said to be trying to fight […]

Three rich women (Slavica Ecclestone, Deborah Madoff, Marie Douglas David), 3 high profile divorces: Who will make out like a bandit?

Marie Douglas in Red with her society pals  We all know that money can’t buy love, but can it buy happiness? This December, high profile marriages have been crumbling left and right, (to wit, Madonna and Guy Ritchie, Slavica and Bernie Ecclestone, Marie Douglas David and George David and Deborah Madoff and Andrew Madoff). So many […]