9 health benefits of divorce

There are some health benefits to divorce. Here are nine: 1) Lower blood pressure (with less fighting on a daily basis with someone living with you 24/7, your blood pressure is bound to recalibrate post divorce) 2) Reduced stress (what is more stressful than an unhappy marriage?) 3. “Safer” sex (in some instances divorce results in “safer” sex […]

Divorce in New York: Women’s health more likely to be affected by divorce studies show

Divorce in New York: Women’s health more likely to be affected by divorce studies show

  Divorce isn’t just about the money and the kids. It seems it is also about the health. I recently learned of a study that shows that divorced women reported more physical illness than married women, or divorced men. She opines that it almost makes sense that women would be more distressed (or exhibit more […]

Breaking news: Divorce good for men’s health according to American Journal of Epidemiology study and Karolinska Institute in Stockholm

Filed in Divorce News: Divorce may be good for men’s health but bad for women’s UK Guardian reports that the American Journal of Epidemiology and the Karolinska Institute in Stockhom have found that divorce may be good for men’s health. It makes them fitter, while, conversely, it tends to make women fatter. The findings, published […]

Men’s Health Magazine on divorce & cheating: study finds that 77% of married cheaters “have no regrets”

LATEST DIVORCE NEWS: New York Post reports that a Men’s Health Magazine study finds that a whopping 77% of guys who cheat on their wives have no regrets if the cheating leads to divorce and 81% of these men surveyed also said they were happier with their new sex lives, post-matrimony. Nearly 50% blamed their […]

Post-divorce health insurance fraud can cost you big money!

DIVORCE INFORMATION – HEALTH CARE INSURANCE FRAUD Yesterday I had a client and his wife execute DRL § 255 which pertains to a spouse’s right to obtain healthcare coverage under COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) post divorce, and the termination of their rights to healthcare coverage as a dependent spouse, post divorce. This is obviously […]