Ruth Madoff on how to get a fake divorce

Experts are calling on Ruth Madoff to divorce her husband Bernard L. Madoff. We’ve been thinking about that and it gave us the idea for a “fake” divorce. Is there such thing as a fake divorce? Yes, says we at Divorce Saloon. A fake divorce is basically a type of fraud against the court. It […]

Sherm Stick use or addiction can lead to divorce

Weird Divorce News: The Sherm Stick divorce. Sherm Sticks as a term, and as a drug are new and trendy. What is a sherm stick? I googled the term and found that it meant “cigarettes dipped in PCP or formaldehyde.” That would sound like illegal drug use to me. If a spouse were to use […]

Should Tanya Williams’ claims of cruelty sway the judge as far as custody of the couple’s kids?

First of all, Tanya Williams should probably read our post “How to divorce a sports star” here: But, so, the allegations Tanya raised in her divorce petition were a bit disturbing to say the least, and if true, I question whether any court of competent jurisdiction can seriously entertain the idea of giving custody […]