SINGAPORE: Child representatives to be appointed in divorce cases? Special divorce courts to be set up?

Filed in: International Divorce News SINGAPORE: Should Singaporean children have a say in their parents’ divorce? That is, should they be able to choose which parent they want to live with and other issues relating to their care, post divorce? This is the debate going on in Singapore at the moment, according to a recent article […]

PERU: Nazira Maria Cross arrested for allegedly poisoning her American husband and burying him in Nevada

The Black Widow Is Nazira Maria Cross a “black widow”? She according to the New York Daily News was arrested in Peru ending a multi year manhunt by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Her crime? It is alleged that her husband divorced her after he found out that she had embezzled a lot of money from […]

NORWAY: Doctoral study suggests that divorce may make children fat

A recent study by a Norwegian doctoral student in Norway seems to show some correlation between divorce and obesity in young children. Children whose parents are divorced tend to be heavier than kids whose parents stay married, a new study suggests. Researchers in Norway found that kids from divorced homes in that country were 54 […]

UK: Millionaire Scot Young’s divorce judge gets angry letter from his bankruptcy solicitor

John Bolch, author of UK blog Family Lore, brought our attention to the story in the Independent which reports today on Scot Young’s divorce. This update is highly appreciated since we have not had recent updates on that case in years! If you have been following Divorce Saloon you may remember that we did a […]

BELGIUM: Belgian hotelier Didier Thiry sentenced to 4 months in prison for contempt of divorce court

All the crazy divorce cases and dramas seem to be happening in London these days, don’t you think? No wonder the city has the reputation it has as the DIVORCE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. Good grief. Now taking their bow are the Thirys – Didier and Alisa Thiry to be exact. The multimillionaire couple is […]

International Divorce tutorial: 10 tips for expats who are thinking of filing for divorce in a foreign country

1. Only hire local counsel after a thorough research online to make sure they have the experience and competence to handle an international divorce. Ask a lot of questions during the initial consultation to make sure the attorney or solicitor is properly vetted before you sign a retainer agreement. 2. Try to, if possible, return […]

LONDON: Miss Malaysia Pauline Chai v. Laura Ashley Tycoon Khoo Kay Peng: A divorce where venue is the object

 The history This is an interesting international divorce case going on in the Divorce Capital of the World – LONDON. According to news reports from publications that include the Telegraph and Times Online, Miss Malaysia 1969 Pauline Chai, wants close to 500 million pounds in divorce settlement from her 74 year old husband and Laura Ashley Tycoon, […]

CALIFORNIA: Sweden has jurisdiction over American born infant says U.S. Dist Court in California

Carlwig v Carlwig   U.S. Dist. Ct. in the Central District of CA decides a controversial case using ICARA and other child abduction statutes including the Hague Convention and the UCCJEA . The interesting thing is that the child was born in California and was only months old. The child has an older sibling born in Sweden. […]

CANADA: Is Walmart the New Venue for getting legal assistance with uncontested divorces?

Apparently Walmart is now leasing office space to lawyers who provide quickie low cost legal services to Walmart Shoppers. It has started in Ontario Canada and is expected to pick up in the United States before long. Interesting concept, maybe even brilliant if  you really think about it. It could be the answer for lawyers […]

Roderick Tyrrell, a top divorce solicitor in Dublin Ireland, discusses Divorce trends and laws with Divorce Saloon (audio)

Roderick Tyrrell, a top divorce solicitor in Dublin Ireland, discusses Divorce trends and laws with Divorce Saloon (audio)

Comparatively speaking, Divorce in Ireland is very much like divorce in the United States. Many of the laws pertaining to equitable distribution and custody, prenups and marital residence are almost identical. On a recent trip to Ireland, our very own Divorce Saloon Special International Correspondent sat down with Dublin divorce Solicitor Roderick Tyrrell to discuss […]

Divorce & Infanticide: New incident in France reported (British man kills his two children following bitter divorce)

Divorce & Infanticide often, and increasingly these days, go hand in hand. Why? It is difficult to understand or explain the actions of a parent who would rather murder their own child to get revenge in a divorce. It is the ultimate act of revenge. A despicable act. A frightening, horrific and even demonic act. […]