THE COST OF DIVORCE: How much, in the aggregate, do Americans spend on Divorce-related expenses each year?

How much does divorce cost? Divorce can be expensive. Not only monetarily but also in terms of its social costs. That much I can tell you off the bat. Read about the social costs of divorce here. BUNDLE has just come out with it’s HOW AMERICA SPENDS: 2010 BUNDLE REPORT:  total US spending average per household for 2009. The numbers…. show […]

Divorce & college expenses: In New York what is the rule about college expenses? Can I force my husband to help with college expenses?

Divorce advice for parents with college age kids So, what’s the deal with college expenses? Who pays for that after a divorce? Can the court force the more affluent parent to pay? In the First Department yes. The First Department is New York County and the rule is that provisions must be made for college […]