NORTH CAROLINA: What does “alienation of affection” mean Ms. Elizabeth Edwards?

WHAT IS ALIENATION OF AFFECTION? Elizabeth Edwards, former (almost) wife of former presidential candidate John Edwards has threatened to sue former campaign aid Andrew Young for “alienation of affection.” What that means is that she is blaming Andrew for the breakdown/implosion of her marriage to the former senator and former presidential candidate. The idea is […]

Oprah Winfrey interviews Elizabeth Edwards; Question: was John Edwards a married predator who preyed on single women? Or was the “other woman” to blame for John’s adulterous acts?

I said on this blog countless times that a man is not responsible, ever, for his sexual indiscretions. It is always the fault of a woman, to wit: his mother, his wife, or his mistress. Check out all things adultery here: The latest case of the delusional wife who refuses to call a spade a spade occurred […]