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Faking the “O” can land you in divorce court

Alright. So the yentas on the View were talking about orgasms today. Yea, I know. I still watch the show even though they made me so mad last week with the Nadya Suleman story. So, anyway, they had this conversation about orgasms and women who fake it and so I wondered, can faking “it” land you […]

BILLIONIARE Sol Kerzner and 4th wife Heather to divorce?

Billionaire Sol Kerzner, 75 and wife Heather, 41, are supposedly having marriage problems and many are speculating that the 10 year marriage could end in divorce very soon. Heather apparently “stole” Sol from her BFF and so many are gleeful that the marriage has hit the skids. No divorce has been announced as yet, however, […]

Divorce & Goodwill: what are your marital rights to the “asset” called goodwill?

DIVORCE & GOODWILL As a general rule, it’s looking to me like you can’t really claim “goodwill” as a marital asset most of the time. Certainly not as to your spouse’s personal reputation. Potentially you could claim the goodwill of a company as an asset, but it’s really murky because a lot of times, goodwill […]

Is post-divorce parental alienation a mental disorder? American Psychiatric Association not too sure

PARENTAL ALIENATION A MENTAL DISORDER? Parental Alienation real? Or a bogus claim used to hide abuse? The Associated Press is reporting that the American Psychiatric Association is wrestling with whether to include parental alienation as a “mental disorder.” Everybody in the profession knows that it’s the go-to accusation for warring couples as they fight for […]