Want a divorce?: How to tell your husband (or wife) you want a divorce

So. You’ve decided that you want to file for divorce and you are wondering how to break the news to your spouse. Asking for a divorce, or telling your spouse you want a divorce is serious business, not to be handled in a blasé fashion. If you think your spouse will be blindsided, you really need to think about when and how you break the news for any number of reasons.

NEW YORK: Money manager Shele Danishefsky filed for divorce then turned up dead now husband Rod Covlin suspect

According to the New York Post the District Attorney’s Office is considering charges against Rod Covlin in the strangulation (neck compression) death of his money manager wife Shele Danishefsky. The two were in the midst of a divorce (it seemed amicable on the surface) when she was found dead in her bath-tub on New Year’s Eve. […]

SOUTH AFRICA: Convicted child murderer Van der Westhuizen’s wife wants a divorce

WESTERN CAPE HIGH COURT He shot his three children to death, and now, former Cape Town Policeman, Marius Van der Westhuizen, who has been sentenced to 24 years in prison and his wife Charlotte Van der Westhuizen wants a divorce. The case against Mr. Van der Westhuizen has been going on since 2006 with Mr. Van […]

LONDON: Entrepreneur Mark Campbell suspect in wife Olga Pleguezuelos’ death – she had asked for divorce recently

Olga Pleguezuelos was a Spanish rose according to many who knew her. She was a “breath of fresh air” according to others; she was very close to her family and loved her husband Mark Campbell, a 53 year old £ 300 million businessman, quite a bit. Olga was also a businesswoman and very successful in her […]

Ryan Jenkins removed teeth and fingers from ex wife Jasmine Fiorre before stuffing nude body in dumpster (allegedly)

Ryan Alexander Jenkins was a wealthy investment banker according to his own testimony. But was he also a deranged homocidal monster? The ex husband of the swim suit model Jasmine Fiore is accused of removing her fingers and teeth before stuffing her nude, badly beaten body into a dumpster. Presumably he did this so that […]

CHICAGOEni Skoien on how not to lose the kids to your ex

Eni Skoien, Indonesian soon to be ex-wife of Chicago Republican GOP boss Gary Skoien is being charged with domestic battery. She apparently drew blood from her hubby when she came home around 1:00 a.m. one fine morning and allegedly found that dear husband had brought two prostitutes into her home, and allegedly into her children’s […]

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