Fashion Tips for the Divorced Man Who No Longer Has a Wife to Groom him

Fashion Tips for the Divorced Man Who No Longer Has a Wife to Groom him

Filed in Divorced man Now that you’re A divorced man, maybe it is time for a makeover? Okay Mr Divorced man, time to unblock the Swiss account and go on your first post-divorce shopping spree without wifey in tow to be all bossy about the whole thing, and to force you to match your shoe (and socks! […]

On Dating a Divorced Man With Kids, by Kate Nguyen

Divorced Men With Kids My current boyfriend is a divorced man and he has a couple of young kids. Luckily for us, his kids live with their mother on the West Coast and we are on the East Coast. He only sees them a few times a year in New York and the rest of […]

Getting Divorced Because Your Husband Works Too Much?

Yes, I am a former wife who got divorced because my husband worked too much. This was not our only problem but it was our biggest. Striking the right work/life balance can be difficult for some people. A lot of men find themselves in this predicament where they are busy working trying to provide for […]

Do all roads lead to Manhattan for suburban divorced men?

Jessica Bram argues in Happily Ever After Divorce that all suburban men leave suburbia for Manhattan when they get divorced, leaving newly single suburban divorcees without dating prospects. I thought that was slightly unfair for them to do that to their women, myself; but I can’t say I don’t understand the allure of NYC. Look […]