SOUTH AFRICA: Nelson Mandela’s ex Winnie Mandela contests his will + claims QUNU homestead

According to reports, Nelson Mandela left Winnie Mandela ZERO in his last will and testament, instead leaving everything to his children and third wife, Graca Marchel. It is for this reason that Winnie has brought a challenge to the will (even though her lawyers have taken pains to point out they are not contesting the […]

9 health benefits of divorce

There are some health benefits to divorce. Here are nine: 1) Lower blood pressure (with less fighting on a daily basis with someone living with you 24/7, your blood pressure is bound to recalibrate post divorce) 2) Reduced stress (what is more stressful than an unhappy marriage?) 3. “Safer” sex (in some instances divorce results in “safer” sex […]

How to re-open a divorce case & set aside divorce judgment due to fraud and perjury after the statue of limitations has run?

HOW TO RE-OPEN A DIVORCE CASE AND SET ASIDE A DIVORCE JUDGMENT Usually, after a judge signs a divorce judgment, it’s res judicata and you can’t go back and mess with stuff. But with divorce and family law cases, nothing is every really res judicata (especially support and alimony matters). That is why the judgment […]

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