How to get a post-divorce makeover

HOW TO GET A DIVORCE MAKEOVER The Divorce Make-over Lifestyle: The most immediate change after a divorce is probably going to be a “lifestyle” change. You are going from being a twosome to a onesome. That is going to mean some downsizing, like getting a smaller home, buying a smaller bed, maybe buying a whole […]

How to divorce a bigamist

Two relevant cases on bigamy in New York: Aldrich v. Aldrich, 4 Misc. 2d 353; Donohue v. Donohue, 57 AD 2d 543 You “divorce” a bigamist by getting the marriage annulled. A bigamous marriage if void ab initio which means the marriage was a no go from the inception. It is illegal, in other words, […]

When bad sex tko’s your marriage

So, you are not one of those ultra evolved couples who are content with having a shagless-by-choice marriage. Well, you are probably in the majority there as most homosapiens seem wired to want to shag at least a few times per week. (It’s a basic instinct for many folks.) Fine. Not so fine is what happens […]

What is the history of divorce?

Did the concept of divorce first arise in Babylonia as some of my research suggest? And could it be true that in a country like Chile, divorce only became legal in 2004? No way, right? We are trying to find the time to study the “history of divorce” but it’s very difficult to find extra […]

Can divorce increase your risk for Alzheimer’s?

I was just reading an interesting article in the archives of the New York Times about divorce and dementia and Alzheimer’s disease written by Tara Parker Pope back in August 2008. And she makes the argument, based in a Finnish study, that people who had experienced divorce or some other traumatic loss of a spouse […]

Is it wimpy to get divorced?

Is divorce for wimps? By all accounts, marriage is really hard. But before the Boomers, people were able to grow old gracefully with their spouses. All that has changed to the point that I’ve begun to question whether the “marriage” model is sustainable going into the next generation and whether the concept shouldn’t be abolished […]

Did your marriage combust because you’re so darned “smart”?

According to this article,  which I recently found on the Huffington Post, highly educated people have a lot of dating problems and have trouble finding mates due to the fact that they are so smart, and, I guess, so picky. So, I got to wondering if that might cause some marriages to implode, this idea […]