Dirty divorce tricks and how to beat your wives at their own game (for men, husbands, dads)

Dirty divorce tricks and how to beat your wives at their own game (for men, husbands, dads)

DIRTY DIVORCE TRICKS AND HOW TO WIN IN THE DIVORCE BATTLEFIELD ——————————————————————————- GUYS, YOU HAVE RIGHTS. FATHER’S HAVE RIGHTS. DADS HAVE RIGHTS. HUSBANDS HAVE RIGHTS. Don’t let your wife run all over you in your divorce. YOU CAN WIN YOUR DIVORCE. You can beat your wife at her own game! Fight dirty! Fight to win! […]

Get the Most Money in Your Divorce Settlement

Get the Most Money in Your Divorce Settlement

Get the most money in your divorce To get the most money in your divorce settlement does not require you to be a mercenary but it does require some degree of strategizing and intelligence. By the latter I do not refer to IQ but rather I use the word sort of the way someone who […]

LOS ANGELES: Can Jamie McCourt win motion to “set aside” divorce settlement from ex husband Frank McCourt?

But even assuming there was a mutual mistake or even fraud, can Mrs McCourt set aside the settlement? It depends more than likely on the language used in the settlement. Did the lawyers leave wiggle room to reopen in the event of changed circumstances? Did she waive all future rights? Was there actual fraud and misrepresentation? Did Mr McCourt know at the time of the settlement that the team was worth $2 billion dollars? Did Jamie’s lawyers perform their due diligence during the discovery process? There are so many questions, so many factors that could tip the scales in this situation. But stand by till November for an update. This apparently is when the case for a set aside will be heard in California Superior Court.

Schacter v Schacter – New York big law divorce case: A partner is spared huge alimony obligation due to wife’s badmouthing on Internet site

Lawyer to Lawyer Janice and Ira Schacter are New York divorce lawyers, ostensibly, but it is the husband who made the big bucks. Mr Schacter was is a Partner at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft. He was making  big bucks until his estranged wife, apparently bitter about their divorce,  started posting negative comments about him on a popular but […]

Countess Marie made $400,000/year as Wall Street analyst; will that factor into her divorce settlement?

Roffey v. Roffey; Hartog v. Hartog; DRL section 236(B)(6)(a)(1)-(11). Does Countess Marie really need the alimony/maintenance she is asking for given that she was such a high earner when she was on Wall Street a few years ago? Girlfriend made more than Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner made when he was president of the Federal Reserve! […]

Renegotiating your divorce settlement: What UK’s Brian Myerson and Madoff’s Steven Simkin teaches us

Bankers’ wives, just like wives of lawyers in big firms, have always lived a posh life filled with things like Yves Saint Laurent dresses, Chanel bags, and Hermes scarves — to wit: Kathy Fuld (wife of Lehman Brothers’ Dick Fuld), Laura Blank (ex-wife of Madoff investor Steven Simkin),  and Ingrid Myerson (ex wife of UK’s Brian Myerson).  Laura […]

Stephen Walsh’s (Walsh Greenberg & Co.) divorce settlement with ex-wife Janet Walsh Schaberg comes under attack: Will the agreement be set aside?

Walsh Greenberg & Co the latest securities firm to come under attack from the SEC and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for fraud, takes ex-wife, Janet Walsh Schaberg along for the ride. According to Reuters: NEW YORK (Reuters) – Two money managers who oversaw investments for Carnegie Mellon University and other institutions were arrested on […]