The Twitter divorce: first Facebook, next Twitter?

I’ve heard of the Facebook divorce in UK, but could someone give their partner notice of divorce via Twitter? Would that ever be enough notice in a pending divorce action?  I don’t think so. The Twitter model only allows about two sentences at a time. The average divorce petition is at least one page long for […]

Eben Bronfman divorce: Who is Eben Bronfman and why were his divorce papers seized by Suffolk County DA?

I was just reading on Page Six that Suffolk County DA seized a whole bunch of files from attorney George Guldi’s office, about 46 boxes, and included in the seized data were the files pertaining to Eben Bronfman’s divorce from his wife Maria. Maria apparently sent out a mass email accusing Eben of having adulterous trysts with […]

Business man Marcus Schrenker fakes a plane crash after his wife serves him with divorce papers

Coming out of the New York Post, business man Marcus Schrenker,  a financial management specialist in Indiana (he owned three companies, Heritage Wealth Management Inc., Heritage Insurance Services Inc. and Icon Wealth Management) tried to fake his own death by crashing his plane near the Florida panhandles. The man was having business trouble, and his wife […]