U.S. A stronger economy has led to an increase in the divorce rate – Bloomberg

According to a recent article from Bloomberg News, more Americans are getting divorced in the post 2009 Great Recession era. It almost sounds like this might be a good thing – at least for the U.S. economy given that there is a corresponding positive impact on several economic drivers such as “demand for housing” which in […]

BROOKLYN: “Divorce gangs” in Orthodox community a rising menace but is the Jewish divorce “get” extortion scheme a worldwide problem?

The recent arrest of a cadre of rabbis and other Jewish men who tried to muscle other Jewish men into giving their estranged wives a “get” raises some very disturbing questions including, how widespread is this practice? Is this unique to the New York Jewish community? Or is it found in other enclaves around the […]

CALIFORNIA: Sweden has jurisdiction over American born infant says U.S. Dist Court in California

Carlwig v Carlwig   U.S. Dist. Ct. in the Central District of CA decides a controversial case using ICARA and other child abduction statutes including the Hague Convention and the UCCJEA . The interesting thing is that the child was born in California and was only months old. The child has an older sibling born in Sweden. […]

CALIFORNIA: Frankie Valli life insurance policy purchased with marital assets with wife as beneficiary are community property

An article in the ABA Journal explains how California community property rules were strengthened by the Frankie Valli case.  The  former entertainer apparently purchased a life insurance Policy with his wife Randy Valli as beneficiary back in 2003. Today the plan is valued at over three million dollars. The Vallis filed for divorce years later and […]

10 Ways to Get More Clients – A Primer for Divorce Lawyers and divorce experts

If a divorce lawyer or solicitor can’t make it rain clients, your divorce practice cannot survive. This is a basic axiom of attorney business development strategists. An attorney has to be able to make it rain. But how? This is hardly a skill practiced or taught in law school. At least it wasn’t in the 1990s. On top of that, family law is a tough and competitive area of law. It has the most lawyers who congregate in it and for that reason, there isn’t enough clients to go around sometmes. This is true locally and internationally as well – even though International Divorce is a little bit less crowded since it requires perhaps a higher level of expertise and sophistication and legal know how.

Divorce Marketing: Are advertisers ignoring the “divorce niche” due to fear of divorce stigma?

Divorce News & information for divorce lawyers, professionals and advertisers The stigma of divorce can cost companies money. Back in the Spring of 2008, a few months before Divorce Saloon was launched as an “international” portal (we’ve been around since 2006 but as a local divorce portal in New York), Adweek ran an article written by this guy […]

Divorce Saloon speaks with New York City Divorce attorney and Great Neck “superlawyer” Jacqueline Harounian about divorce trends

Divorce Saloon speaks with New York City Divorce attorney and Great Neck “superlawyer” Jacqueline Harounian about divorce trends

In our quest to connect on a more meaningful level with divorce attorneys, divorce experts and professionals,  and divorce litigants, we have conducted a series of interviews with some of New York City’s most prominent and respected divorce attorneys. Below is an except of an interview with Great Neck Long Island divorce attorney Jacqueline Harounian, Partner at the law firm Wisselman, Harounian […]

Style: Must-have post-divorce “it” Bags

Style: Must-have post-divorce “it” Bags

Advanced post-divorce life-style maintenance strategies to make ’em eat crowe lesson # 1: The Divorce Handbag Post divorce, you may feel the need to do some collateral shopping with a little bit of your ex’s money just to cheer yourself up. Here are a few ideas curated by our contributing editor Z. Guest:   1. […]

Georgia Divorce attorney wins defamation/libel case against client (ABA Journal)

According to the ABA Journal, a Georgia divorce attorney has won a legal battle against a client who the attorney claims lied to her during his initial consultation and then proceeded to defame her online when it came time to pay by posting on random blogs that she was a “crooked attorney.” The attorney had noticed […]