How to win custody of your child: 24 factors the court looks at

How to win custody of your child: 24 factors the court looks at

HOW TO WIN CUSTODY: 24 FACTORS THE COURTS WILL TYPICALLY CONSIDER DIVORCE-CUSTODY TIPS FOR PARENTS Divorce/custody tips:After a divorce has been filed, one of the first questions divorcing couples have is, how to win custody of the kids? How do you win custody? Good question. Parents often seek the advice of a divorce lawyer on […]

How to re-open a divorce case & set aside divorce judgment due to fraud and perjury after the statue of limitations has run?

HOW TO RE-OPEN A DIVORCE CASE AND SET ASIDE A DIVORCE JUDGMENT Usually, after a judge signs a divorce judgment, it’s res judicata and you can’t go back and mess with stuff. But with divorce and family law cases, nothing is every really res judicata (especially support and alimony matters). That is why the judgment […]

Schacter v Schacter – New York big law divorce case: A partner is spared huge alimony obligation due to wife’s badmouthing on Internet site

Lawyer to Lawyer Janice and Ira Schacter are New York divorce lawyers, ostensibly, but it is the husband who made the big bucks. Mr Schacter was is a Partner at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft. He was making  big bucks until his estranged wife, apparently bitter about their divorce,  started posting negative comments about him on a popular but […]