UK: Is Miriam González Durántez a Bad Influence on British Wives, and Women in General?

Don’t You Dare Call Miriam González Durántez  “Mrs Clegg” She is a lawyer and wife to former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and she recently lampooned an organization on social media for referring to her by her husband’s name. So instead of calling her “Miriam González Durántez” they called her “Mrs Clegg.” She took umbrage […]

Alimony to Stop at Retirement Age According to Most Judges’ Rulings

Alimony reform is increasingly common across the country and women are usually the ones left holding the blade, as this article in Forbes points out. A key marker for the end of alimony and/or maintenance payments is the age of retirement, that magic moment when the recipient of spousal support becomes eligible for social security […]

Single women v divorced women: Who needs more protection?

Single, never married women of a certain milieu in New York are buying up pricey real estate in Manhattan as if it is going out of style at the same time that lot of recently divorced women are having to downsize and reduce their standard of living. It is an interesting phenomenon and it begs […]

Why are women so greedy in divorce disputes?

Are women greedy about the money in divorce actions? Well put it this way: in divorce actions both party are looking out for their Financial interests. It is war and if they have to fight dirty, they do because neither party wants to be left with “less.” The thing that works against women is that usually the husband makes most of the money in the marriage

ISRAEL: The film “GETT: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem” shows how Israeli divorce laws discriminates against women

Have you heard about this film, “GETT: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem”? This film received decent reviews at the 2014 Cannes Film festival. According to, I believe the Hollywood Reporter: This third instalment in the trilogy on Israeli women by actress Ronit Elkabetz and her brother Shlomi delivers everything a film should: as Ronit said, speaking […]