How to get a quickie annulment

Pope Francis has made revolutionary changes to annulment rules in the Catholic Church. I found this out as I was working on another post about my own annulment which will be published on this website shortly. But in the meantime, here are the reasons you can use to get out of your marriage if divorce […]

How to un-divorce

Apparently, un-divorcing is a new trend. I had no idea. In 2009, I wrote the in reference to Billy Joel who, at the time was divorcing his young, beautiful wife. I am not sure that I had heard the word before that but now, it seems to be a trend. There are myriad reasons […]

How to Sell Your Divorce

Divorce can be a commodity which can be traded for profit. It is possible to buy or sell your divorce. How? Easy. Start a blog, for example. Or an online journal and build up an audience of loyal followers. Or it could be a YouTube diary where followers look forward to your next update with […]

Check out this book “How To Divorce: Part 1”

Check out this book “How To Divorce: Part 1”

Divorce is sometimes a part of life. Deal with it as best you can, maybe ultimately you can find a way to turn it into a positive. In the meantime, check out our bookshop for our latest title, How to Divorce.  In this book author Marion TD Lewis takes various questions and scenarios such as […]


First, you should be ready. It takes time to be truly ready to take that step of ending a marriage. But to the extent you’ve ironed out any misgivings about it before you come to your attorney, the better and more efficient the attorney will be. YOU’RE ATTORNEY CAN’T HELP YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND […]

How to have a green divorce

Well, I am not sure if this is even possible, but keeping in mind what the whole Green ideology is all about, here’s how I would say a green divorce can be accomplished: 1) send all files to your attorney by email (reduce the amount of paper that is copied, mailed, printed out and shredded.) […]