NEW YORK: Is Rosie O’Donnell getting divorced from Kelli Carpenter? If so, what are the legal issues?

“Rosie O’Donnell and Kelli Carpenter were one of the most famous married gay couples. But as of Tuesday, they are couples no more.” That, if true, raises some legal questions. Such as: CAN THEY GET A DIVORCE IN NEW YORK? New York, unlike Massachusetts and a number of other states, does not allow same-sex marriages. But […]

COLORADO:Child Protective Services to check out Balloon Boy Falcon Heene’s parents

Oh oh. Looks like somebody might be in trouble over the Balloon Boy Odyssey over in Colorado. The Heene’s may need to get themselves an attorney: Will they lose custody you think? Pic / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 More on Heenes here:

CALIFORNIA: Fit for custody? An evaluation of Yahoo ex pres. Sue Decker and her fitness as a custodial parent

Yahoo ex pres. Sue Decker’s divorce is getting ugly according to published reports. The accusations against her are quite disturbing and if true they may impact whether she gets custody of her children or not. the multi-millionaire, living in Marin County Northern California, is accused by her husband of a number of misdemeanors including illegal […]

NEW YORK: What is Parental alienation?

Just like around the rest of the globe, when parties divorce in New York sometimes they don’t play nice where the kids are concerned. Parental alienation is the worse offense a former spouse can commit against another. It has to do when one parent turns the children against the other one by habitually bad-mouthing the parent, […]

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