NEVADA: Governor Jim Gibbons’ divorce may have cost him re-election – he’s beaten by Judge Brian Sandoval

It’s game over for Governor Jim Gibbons of Nevada. Did Governor Jim Gibbons’ acrimonious divorce cost him the re-election to the governor’s mansion? Many think so. The Governor lost his bid in a campaign that saw him trailing in the polls to former judge Brian Sandoval. The Associated Press cites his messy divorce and his […]

THE COST OF DIVORCE: How much, in the aggregate, do Americans spend on Divorce-related expenses each year?

How much does divorce cost? Divorce can be expensive. Not only monetarily but also in terms of its social costs. That much I can tell you off the bat. Read about the social costs of divorce here. BUNDLE has just come out with it’s HOW AMERICA SPENDS: 2010 BUNDLE REPORT:  total US spending average per household for 2009. The numbers…. show […]