SOUTH AFRICA: Nelson Mandela’s ex Winnie Mandela contests his will + claims QUNU homestead

According to reports, Nelson Mandela left Winnie Mandela ZERO in his last will and testament, instead leaving everything to his children and third wife, Graca Marchel. It is for this reason that Winnie has brought a challenge to the will (even though her lawyers have taken pains to point out they are not contesting the […]

Debbie Matenopoulos’s divorce gets ugly!

Debbie Matenopoulus and her estranged husband Jay Faires are fighting over their million dollar Los Angeles home, cell phone bills, who pays the mortgage and, even, the cable bill. Mr. Faires accuses Ms. Matenopoulus of “living beyond their means” and of “not paying anything and expecting him to foot all the bills.” She only makes $225,000 […]