NETHERLANDS: Parental neglect? Or No? Dutch child agencies battle over teenage sailor Laura Dekker

NETHERLANDS: The Associated Press is reporting that fourteen year old Laura Dekker, whose parents are divorced, is the subject of an unwanted guardianship proceeding in the Netherlands. It is not the divorce of her parents that is at issue, however. That is not why child welfare services in the Netherlands have imposed a guardianship over the […]

GEORGIA: Tonya Craft acquitted; but were the child abuse charges payback for her own allegations of sexual abuse against others?

Kindergarten teacher Tonya Craft has been acquitted of sexual molestation of three little girls in her class. Tonya Craft, a kindergarten teacher at Chickamauga Elementary School in Chickamauga, Ga., is on trial in Catoosa County for 22 counts of child molestation and other charges. Since being arrested and charged in 2008, Craft has maintained her […]

Divorce info about private schools and who pays tuition: I want my child to got to private school. Can the court force my husband to pay the tuition?

Divorce info, private school education, tuition When it comes to private school education, it is difficult to get the court to order a parent to pay private school tuition. The idea is that there are obviously many public schools and all of them are free, and there is no “presumption” that the public school education […]