CHICAGO: Joseph and Rebecca Reyes continue their ridiculous fight over their toddler’s religion

CHICAGO: The Joseph/Rebecca Reyes divorce continues to implode. I was privy to a 20/20 interview these two submitted to a few weeks back and I walked away feeling that Rebbecca Reyes was a very spoiled and unreasonable human being. Her husband Joseph Reyes was definitely passive aggressive. But Rebecca was spoiled, rigid and even a […]

CHICAGO: Divorce, steroids, blamed for “erratic” behavior of lieutenant gov. Scott Lee Cohen

Should Scot Lee Cohen be forced to abdicate the Democrat lieutenant gubernatorial primary win after spending more than $2 million on his campaign? The much maligned lieutenant gov is feeling the pressure from fellow democrats and from newly elected gubernatorial candidate Patrick J. Quinn. Seems Mr. Cohen has a bit of a past that includes […]