Could One-Night Stands Be More Damaging to Marriage than Long Term Love Affairs?

For example, a one night stand could just be a “meaningless fling” to the person committing the deed, but what if it has more long lasting and far-reaching consequences such as the contraction of a disease or the creation of a child? It also depends on who the one night stand was with. I would imagine for some spouses, it doesn’t matter who it was with. The unfaithfulness and act of betrayal – even if it only happened once – is enough to destroy trust. But for others, this could be an extenuating circumstance.

Would an “adultery tax” shame cheating spouses into remaining faithful or divorcing prior to starting new relationships?

 In light of the $9 million payout for a North Carolina wife, Mrs. Shackelford, (sum certain for an alienation of affection lawsuit she won against her husband’s mistress Anne Lindquist) got me to thinking about this issue of monetary payouts for adultery and whether there should be an adultery tax. Frankly, I think the fact […]