NEW YORK: Asha, Asha, Asha! Are Raj’s attorney fees going to dissipate marital assets to your detriment?

Raj Rajaratnam’s wife and the marital assets One of America’s wealthiest individuals, Raj Rajaratnam’s, is in big trouble and his legal woes could strain marital assets to the detriment of his wife Asha Pabla and the couple’s three children. Raj, a self-described family man and a manager of the $8 billion hedge fund Galleon Group, […]

NEW YORK: The Martha Stewart/Kmart divorce comes on the heel of Danielle Chiesi’s arrest for insider trading alongside Raj Rajaratnam

Martha and Martha Stewart Omnimedia and Kmart have parted ways. The threesome had, what I guess you can call, a divorce. Martha put out a press release basically waxing poetic about the relationship the three had and that it was “productive” and that she wished them well post-breakup. Some speculate that Martha Stewart Omnimedia “cheated” […]

NEW YORK: Raj Rajaratnam’s wife Asha Pabla must be wondering if October is a good month to file for divorce / CC BY 2.0 Yet another billionaire on Wall Street hits the skids. This time it is Sri Lankan American hedge fund manager extraordinaire, Raj Rajaratnam. Breaking news today is that Raj has been arrested and charged with insider trading along with some other high profile executives at IBM and a few other notables. My big […]

SAN FRANCISCO: Letter in Yahoo Pres. Sue Decker’s divorce proceedings from San Francisco’s Bley and Bley

Sometimes, divorce law practice can be excruciating. To wit: this letter written by San Francisco firm Bley and Bley  in the Divorce of Yahoo ex pres. Sue Decker and her husband. It is 8 pages of repetitive, convoluted, long-tailed mumbo jumbo lawyer speak, oh my god! Why are lawyers so verbose? It’s, like, get to […]

CALIFORNIA: Fit for custody? An evaluation of Yahoo ex pres. Sue Decker and her fitness as a custodial parent

Yahoo ex pres. Sue Decker’s divorce is getting ugly according to published reports. The accusations against her are quite disturbing and if true they may impact whether she gets custody of her children or not. the multi-millionaire, living in Marin County Northern California, is accused by her husband of a number of misdemeanors including illegal […]

FLORIDA: Sun Capital CEO Marc J. Leder and his wife Lisa Leder in divorce battle in Palm Beach

Bernie Madoff wrecks another marriage. That of Marc J Leder and his wife Lisa Leder….just kidding. The mogul was invested with Bernard Madoff according to the Palm Beach Post, but his losses were “insignificant.” So let’s not blame poor Bernie for everything. The reason the couple who have been married 22 years is divorcing is […]

George David: Yes, I did have sex with that woman, Ms. Wendy Touton, I did not lie!

Attempting to impeach former UTC CEO George David who is ensconced in one of the priciest divorce cases Hartford Superior Court has ever seen, lawyers for the CEO’s soon to be ex wife, Countess Marie Douglas David, reached into George’s meticulously dry-cleaned Brioni pants. “Is it your testimony” asked Beslow “that during the deposition, you […]