Crazy billionaire divorce/child support news: Kirk Kerkorian ordered to pay ex-wife over $10 million in back child support! OMG!

BILLIONAIRE KIRK KERKORIAN ORDERED TO PAY MORE THAN TEN MILLION DOLLARS IN CHILD SUPPORT. CALLING DONALD BREN!!! Now, we’ve been on this story about billionaire Kirk Kerkorian and his ex wife Lisa Bonder Kirkorian since 2008 before Divorce Saloon was even Divorce Saloon. It was one of the very first posts we did and we […]

Divorce advice for billionaires and high net worth individuals – part four: Mediation vs. Litigation

Divorce mediation is an alternative to litigation and for many billionaires and high net worth individuals, mediation just makes a whole lot of sense. Why have an embarrassing public circus like multi-millionaire (or billionaire?) Peter Brant and and his voluptuous Victoria’s Secret model wife Stephanie Seymour (by the way, they called off their divorce today to […]

Divorce advice for billionaires and high net-worth individuals – Part two: get a post-nup

Divorce advice for divorcing billionaires Part two: Billionaires who marry without a prenup should consider getting a post-nup during the marriage Get a post-nup!  Sometimes, a billionaire or high net-worth individual loses his or her mind and neglects to get a prenup, prior to marriage. This is bad, but not necessarily fatal. It is possible […]

ITALY: Divorced? Looking for a billionaire sugar daddy? Italy’s billionaire PM Silvio Berlusconi may be just the man for you!

ITALY: Forget those cheap billionaires in Hong Kong who attend wealth camps to learn about how to keep your grubby little paws off their loot. Now that he’s almost divorced, Italy’s prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has no problem whatsoever with women coming after him for his bank account. On the contrary, he seems to encourage it.

HONG KONG: Recently divorced and looking for a billionaire sugar daddy to “remarry”? Forget young Asians

International divorce news WSJ recently did a report about how the heirs of billionaires attend wealth camps hosted by Citigroup’s Private Bank (you’ve got to have over $10 million in assets for your kids to attend this camp). This camp has been going on for several years (according to the WSJ they have them in New […]

VIRGINIA: Wealthy divorcee Patricia Kluge to auction off items from her divorce settlement

Patricia Kluge was dubbed the “Richest Brit in Virginia” by UK Guardian back in the 1990’s when she divorced billionaire financier/media mogul John Kluge. In a December 2003 report, the Guardian said of Kluge ” She had a strict upbringing in Iraq, became a nude model in London, then married a billionaire….And, Patricia Kluge is not finished yet.” Apparently […]

DIVORCE NEWS: MONTANA: Former billionaires Tim and Edra Blixseth’s divorce story takes a new twist

BREAKING DIVORCE NEWS IN MONTANA Ex billionaire Tim Blixseth is kinda, sorta happy today, in spite of his messy divorce from ex wife Edra Blixseth, now that a federal bankruptcy court has denied claims by Credit Suisse that Blixseth owed them $229 million stemming from loans the bank made to Blixseth and his now ex […]

CORPORATE DIVORCE: HP kicked Mark Hurd to the curb but he rebounds quickly with Oracle

Filed in corporate divorces and billionaires. Boy, whatever former Hewlett Packard CEO Mark Hurd is packing, people seem to like it. A lot. Just weeks after a disgraceful exit from HP, a consequence of sexual harassment allegations, (the ink is barely dry on his multi-million dollar settlement agreement he got from the divorce from HP) billionaire CEO of […]

Divorcee Star Jones’ star power not enough to help billionaire Jeff Greene – but he’s suing for defamation and libel

After her divorce, talk show personality Star Jones has done a lot of things. One of them was to stomp for Florida Democratic hopeful Jeff Greene, a self-made billionaire from California (he catapulted to the Billionaire’s club after betting heavily on credit default swaps, the same poisonous types of investments that led to the housing meltdown […]

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